SuperHero Pad Borealis

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Looking for a highball pad that is reasonably priced, covers a huge landing zone, and still fits comfortably into the back of your car?

The SuperHero is the one you've been searching for. Remember all of our pads ride piggyback! 

**We contribute to the shipping costs on all of our pads, so expect competitive prices during checkout.

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- 58 x 41 x 4 inches
- 1000 denier nylon w/ bottom and side flap
- Deluxe Suspension System (includes contoured padded shoulder straps, load lifting straps, sternum strap, and a waist belt)
- superior metal cam buckle closure
- super bomber cargo biner
- 3 carry handles
-15 lbs.

-1 dual density foam structure
-1 inch of closed cell, 2 inches of open cell,1 inch of closed cell

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