SuperHero (THE BIG ONE!)


The Super Hero is the perfect highball pad because it covers a huge landing zone and still fits comfortably into the back of your car. Now with the new BYOBuckle, an anodized aluminum G-Hook with a bottle opener to celebrate your big sends! The Superhero is the OG GOAT of multiple pad carry systems. Using the flaps of the Superhero you can piggyback attach any Asana Pad (like the TripTick) and Asana Packs for a carry-all system keeping your hands open for trail snacks, awe yeah. 

We worked with a team of local Boise artists to bring you our Day Series Pads. See details about the art below!

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Open Dimensions 57"x40"x4"
Folded Dimensions 29"x40"x8"
Premium Dual Density Foam Structure 1" Closed Cell, 2" Open Cell, 1" Closed Cell
1000D Nylon w/ Flaps High tensile strength means high durability, this pad is ready for all crag environments!
Deluxe Suspension System
  • Contoured, padded shoulder straps
  • Load-lifting straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Waist belt
  • Metal Cam Closure Buckles Allows secure packing of multiple pads and goodies
    BYOBuckle Hard Anodized Aluminum Celebratory bottle opener and pack attachment point
    4 Hi-Vis Yellow Handles Enables fast pad placement adjustments and more carry options
    15 lbs

    The DayHike design was created by Suzanne DeSoleil. Suzanne is a contemporary artist whose amiable, vibrant paintings greet you with light and radiant color. As a very shy young girl growing up in the forests of Pennsylvania, she discovered that making art presented opportunities for her personality to shine through, offering ways to articulate her thoughts and feelings by means of line and color. Residing in Boise Idaho, Suzanne's artwork has received numerous awards and has been shown in international shows and museums. Suzanne is inspired by nature and the world around her. See more of her work at

    The DayGlow design was created by Nick Kraft. Growing up in Northern Idaho, Nick has always had a love of nature and the outdoors. Longing for mountains, deserts and adventures are often the inspiration of his art, and he often paints the places he plans to visit.  As a climber he loves drawing and painting cliff faces, Something that from a distance first appeared a dull grey slab becomes a series of intricate lines, cracks, water stains, and almost every color imaginable when you look closely. The inspiration for his pad design came from the skyline of Zion National Park.

    The DayTrip was created as a collaboration of all of our Day Series artists. Taking inspiration from beautiful Italian terrazzo tile and from the overhead view of a bouldering guide, the DayTrip is supposed to bring us to the moment we all love. Searching through the pages of a guidebook for that one perfect boulder in that one perfect area. 

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