Pro Spotter Pad

The most revolutionary supplement pad available.
The pad can be used in so many ways that it almost mind boggling.
First of all the pad can be, in its most traditional sense, a sit start pad. The pad is filled entirely with closed cell foam. It's is quite firm as a 3 inch pad, but works perfectly as a sit start pad or as a bouldering spotter shield. The true magic to the pad starts once you've opened the outer zipper to find the contents of the inner pad. The secret surprise inside is a folded pad which operates as a "pile pad", smartly designed to lay over all the pads in the stack covering the gaps between the pads. Lastly, this pad when folded one time in half down the long seam will function as a sleeping pad in your tent. Transporting this pad is super easy since it will attach to any of our pads

- OPEN- 74 x 44 x 3/4 HALF- 22 x 72 x 1.5 CLOSED- 36 X 22 X 3
- FOAM 3/4 inch of closed cell EXTRAS shoulder strap
- No Case (Black Only)--$95 (4 lbs)
- Complete--$120 (5 lbs)

- Warm Colors will possibly includes shades of red, orange, and yellow
- Cool Colors will possibly include shades of blue
- Earthy Colors will possibly include shades of green and teal
- Carbon Colors will possibly include shades of gray and black

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