Asana has completed hundreds of custom flooring projects. Our years of experience enable us to make the best recommendations for your project.

Make the inspired choice and partner with Asana for flooring that is tailored to your needs, not ours. Born from our love of bouldering, Asana is at the forefront of bouldering flooring in the United States. One of the first custom flooring companies, Asana is the ONLY flooring company with over 25 years of experience to offer multiple types of flooring. Asana custom flooring is designed to best suit your type of wall and preferred maintenance intervals. Imagine that, custom flooring that is, well, truly custom. Most “custom” flooring companies only offer one type of flooring, but not all gyms have the same style or the same needs. The details of every Asana system is tailored to the specific needs of each facility that we service.

At Asana, ‘custom’ padding means more to us than just the shape and color of your pads. Asana has the manufacturing expertise and flexibility that allows us to create your preferred style of flooring. Whether this is your first flooring system or if you are in the market to retrofit or replace your current one, Asana will partner with you to create the system that best suits your needs. From single to dual to our time tested triple-density systems, we help guide you through the advantages and challenges with each type of custom flooring system offered. Again, with Asana flooring, the choice is yours.

We look forward to sending this project together and becoming part of your climbing community.


This type of system allows you to minimize the number of individual pads while still getting some of the benefits of our modular systems. Very large pads are custom designed and sewn to contain large amounts of layered foam within each zippered pad.

Modular Padding

Modular systems are made up of many individual pads connected together with velcro seam covers.

The Modular Advantage: Retains quality because of the ability to replace foam as it breaks down. Easy maintenance with each element of the padding system predesigned for flexible section adjustments.

Carpeted Modular Padding

Modular padding system with a carpet overlay.

The Carpet Advantage: Great aesthetics with the functionality of a consistent landing zone.

Carpet-Bonded Foam

Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls accompanied with a high grade open cell foam underlayment make for a high quality, reasonably priced flooring solution in roped areas. The heat welded carpet provides extreme durability and aesthetic. Asana provides installation services, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Ballistic Nylon Tarps

Seamless look with a durable surface.

Large runs of durable, water resistant ballistic nylon are placed on top of layers of high density, high resiliency foam. We have teams that can complete the installation for you.

Home Walls

Commercial grade products for unique training environments including bouldering pads, drag pads, and custom padding.

Special Projects

Asana works with our broad climbing and adventure community to provide custom padding for specialty projects and venues.

Need help deciding?

Please contact us at 208.614.2100 or send us a message to get details about which landing systems would work best for your budgetary needs and gym specifications.