Rock Star Pad



The Rock Star is designed as a supplemental pad which acts as a gap cover, a hazard blocker, and a sit start pad. It carries right on the front of other Asana pads under the flaps.

Earthy- Kelly Green Deck, Forest Green Bottom, Neon Green Logo
Cool- Royal Blue Deck, Navy Blue Bottom, Columbia Blue Logo
Warm- Orange Deck, Cardinal Red Bottom, Maroon Logo
Carbon- Charcoal Deck, Black Bottom, Yellow Logo

Supplemental pads further define bouldering with versatile applications. As a sit start pad, they offer a comfortable spot off the dirt to initiate first moves off the ground. These pads also double as protective shields, covering and safeguarding against protruding rocks or boulders in landing zones, ensuring a more secure environment. Acting as gap covers, they bridge the spaces between pads. Beyond their primary purpose, these pads become multi-functional havens, providing a cozy spot for climbers' furry companions out of the landing zone for resting and relaxing during long "last try" sessions. With adaptability at its core, supplemental pads enhance the bouldering experience by catering to various practical needs, making them an indispensable accessory for core climbers.

Durable Nylon Cover
Heavy Duty Carry Handle
1" Top Quality Closed Cell Foam
2 lbs.
Made in Boise, Idaho, USA