These systems are designed to create a seamless look throughout the gym with the appearance of a consistent landing zone.


The Carpet Advantage:
Great aesthetics with the functionality of a consistent landing zone.

The Carpet Advantage

The incredibly durable carpet overlay on a modular system provides a seamless look while still providing an ease of maintenance. Your system will be designed on a grid-based system, so you will know the exact size and shape of each pad in the system. Simply remove the carpet and seam covers to repair or replace individual pads. Easy maintenance equals lower cost in the long run.


Asana uses the highest quality foam for our carpet systems. Because the sports carpet does a great jjob of dispersing each fall's energy, we use a single thick slab of high density foam for the energy absorption. And rather than allowing the foam to roam loosely under the carpet, each piece slab of foam is contained in their own individual pad shell, providing cohesiveness to the system. Our systems easily pass safety requirements of ASTM F1292 for head impact attenuation.


The carpet used for these systems are coated with vinyl on the underside to minimize stretching and to provide a higher durability. The carpet is incredibly easy to vacuum, and if you do so on a daily basis, your system will keep a new look for years to come. The nylon foam covers under the carpet have a heavy weave, and are also highly durable and water-resistant.

Need help deciding?

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