This type of system allows you to minimize the number of individual pads while still getting some of the benefits of our modular systems. Very large pads are custom designed and sewn to contain large amounts of layered foam within each zippered pad. 

Beautiful & Seamless

Monster Pads have the perfect aesthetic because they use very few attachments and span large areas. The individual pads in the systems are enormous and create a beautifully seamless look in the gym. Monster Pads are easier to maintain than large tarp systems because the foam is easily accessible through the zippers on the pad covers. Optional metal brackets act as beautiful borders along the step up edge of the system.


Asana uses the highest quality foams for our systems. For the Monster Pad system, we use a high resiliency, high density open cell foam which disperses and absorbs energy from a fall. We keep record of the foam shapes in your pads which allow you to maintain your pads for years by changing out elements of the system as needed. Our systems easily pass the safety requirements of ASTM F1292 for head impact attenuation.


The ballistic nylon used for this system has an extremely heavy weave and is coated with urethan on the underside to minimize stretching and to provide a higher durability.

This nylon is so tough that small cuts from a dropped wrench or climbing hold rarely lead to further tearing.

We recommend that you run a daily vacuum on this system.


This Monster Pad System was installed in a 12 inch recessed concrete floor. We were able to tie it into the concrete edge with Velcro Seam Covers which made for a even transition from the curb to the pads. We used a charcoal colored ballistics nylon and high density, high resiliency foams to create a beautiful landing zones for the climbers in Meridian, Idaho.


This 16 inch thick Monster Pad System was installed under a 16 foot climbing wall at the University of Utah. We used beautiful metal brackets to hold the pads in place and only have two seam covers to hold it all together. We used a black ballistics nylon and high density, high resiliency foams to create a beautiful landing zones for the students in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Need help deciding?

Please contact us at 208.614.2100 or send us a message to get details about which landing systems would work best for your budgetary needs and gym specifications.