VersaPad Earthy


The original and most revolutionary supplement pad available. 

The pad can be used in so many ways that it is almost mind boggling.
First of all the pad can be, in its most traditional sense, a sit start pad. The pad is filled entirely with closed cell foam. It's is quite firm as a 3 inch pad, but works perfectly as a sit start pad. The true magic of this pad is revealed when you open the pad up to its full size potential. Once it's fully unfolded, it works as a "pile pad", smartly designed to lay over two or more pads in the stack covering gaps between pads. As a bonus feature, you can fold it in half down the long seam and it functions as a stretching mat or as a sleeping pad in your tent. Transporting this pad is super easy as it attaches to our SuperHero pads under the flaps. 

-Gap Cover
-Sit Start Pad
-Rock Hazard Cover
-Home Wall Solution
-Picnic or Event Pad
-Stretch Pad
-Sleep Pad

Open 74"X44"X3/4"
Half  22"X72"X1.5"
Closed 36"X22"X3"
Foam 3/4" Top Quality Closed Cell
5 Lbs US Made