Asana is Everything Bouldering. We are more than the sum of the things we have done. We are the energy of adventure, a love of the outdoors, and the determination to always look to the future of bouldering.

In 2023 Asana will be featuring artist boulderers who get us psyched on this killer community! We joined with Golden Clothing Co in hopes of spreading the psych we enjoy with our greater bouldering community. Golden makes some bad ass goodies and we are excited to introduce them to you! 

Golden Clothing Co is a small, independent New England based clothing brand that solely features original artwork. Inspiration is drawn from endless sources, but mainly from music, colors, and the outdoors.

GOLDEN has been a recurring theme in my mindless creative outlets since about 2015. Whether it was drawing that word in weird and funky ways in my high school notebooks or drawing it on my arms and legs as a tattoo, Golden was always the word I drew, for some reason. Be you and don’t question it. 

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