Why Asana products are the best in the industry


Asana was established in Boise, Idaho in 1999. We have always manufactured our bouldering pads, chalk bags, backpacks, and custom padding right here in the USA. We believe in providing jobs for people who live in our communities, and by continuing to manufacture our bouldeing pads in Boise, Idaho, we can maintain strict quality control.


Asana uses the best fabrics, webbing, buckles, and foam available. We use Ballistics Nylon and 1000 denier nylon which are the time tested outdoor fabrics. Both are extremely abrasion resistant and rugged. Our foams are the same quality we use in our commercial grade landing mats. These commercial grade mats take abuse from hundreds of customers, and we have been able to develop the best configurations to give you a pad which will last longer than expected.


Our pads are priced competitively, and in most cases, less expensive than other USA manufactured pads. We also offer free shipping on pads which dramatically reduces the cost to the online customer.


The most common thing people say about our pads is how light they are. They have a super comfy shoulder strap/waist belt system which make the approach super easy. All of our pads have several bright yellow handles which allow the spotter to move the pads around when necessary. The most important part is the landing. Asana pads are designed with the highest quality fabrics and foams to provide the best landing possible.


Our pads stand out in the crowd. All of our pads are designed with big, bold, bright colors intended to allow you to express yourself. When you throw an Asana pad on the pile, people notice it. When you are carrying your pad across the desert or through the woods, you can be seen from a far off distance. 


Asana prides itself on being approachable for any reason. We want you as a customer. We love serving you and making sure you love the Asana brand. Call us with any question, comment, or type of feedback. We are psyched to hear from you.