G5 BIG Pad


Become a part of the legend of Gargantuan, the Giant Gorilla Gravity Grabber.

We blended the size of the SuperHero with the thickness and closure of the old school Gunther pad (cheers to those who remember) to create this monster.

This pad comes from legend and if you wish to know it, scroll waaaayyyyy down....

- 57 x 40 x 5 inches
- 1680 denier ballistics cover with 1000 denier nylon deck
- Deluxe Suspension System (includes contoured padded shoulder straps, load lifting straps, sternum strap, and a waist belt)
- superior metal cam buckle closure
- 4 high visibility yellow carry handles
-15 lbs.
- Made in the US

-Dual density foam structure
-1 inch of closed cell, 4 inches of open cell

Gargantuan, the Giant Gorilla Gravity Grabber, from the multiverse of Flashes, possessed an extraordinary talent—he could crush boulders, compressing them into miniature black holes. One day, while playfully testing his strength, he inadvertently shattered a boulder, creating a rift that sucked him into our universe.

Now in our world, Gargantuan, determined to return home, hatched a plan. He discovered that if boulderers climbed over an Asana Bouldering Pad adorned with his image, the gravitational energy released would help him construct a controlled black hole for his journey back.

Boulderers worldwide embraced the challenge, turning it into a cosmic climbing phenomenon. Gargantuan, once feared for his gravity theft, became a beloved figure. The Asana Bouldering Pads with his image transformed into symbols of unity, each ascent bringing him closer to the portal home. Through the laughter and chalky high-fives, Earth's and Gargantuan's worlds converged in a gravity-defying tale of collaboration and goodwill.