Hero Mountains


The Hero Pad is back! We heard you loud and clear.

The Hero Pad features Asana’s signature triple layer foam structure with 2 inches of premium open cell foam sandwiched by 1 inch of closed cell foam on the top and the bottom, offering superior cushioning for bouldering falls and ensuring a more comfortable landing on this premium bouldering crash pad.

Crafted with a robust 1680 ballistics nylon shell and 1000 denier nylon deck, this climbing crash pad is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor bouldering, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Equipped with a Deluxe Suspension System, including contoured padded shoulder straps, load lifting straps, sternum strap, and a waist belt, the Hero Pad ensures comfortable transport to your favorite bouldering spots.

Designed by and for boulderers, The Hero Pad comes with a robust metal cam buckle closure, an anodized aluminum carry clip that doubles as a bottle opener to celebrate your sends, and four high visibility yellow carry handles for easy maneuverability.

Features flaps for piggybacking multiple pads such as Asana Supplemental pads that include the VersaPad or Rock Star Pad, making it ideal for climbers who need additional protection.

48 x 36 x 4 inches
Heavy Duty Nylon Shell
Deluxe Carrying Suspension System
BYOB Cargo Buckle
Metal Cam Buckles
4 Carry Handles
1 inch of closed cell on top
2 inches of open cell in middle
1 inch of closed cell on bottom

Open Dimensions 48" x 36" x4"
Folded Dimensions 36"x24"x8"
Premium Dual Density Foam Structure 1" Closed Cell, 2" Open Cell, 1" Closed Cell
1000D Nylon w/ Flaps High tensile strength means high durability, this pad is ready for all crag environments!
Deluxe Suspension System
  • Contoured, padded shoulder straps
  • Load-lifting straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Waist belt
Metal Cam Closure Buckles Allows secure packing of multiple pads and goodies
BYOBuckle Hard Anodized Aluminum Celebratory bottle opener and pack attachment point
4 Hi-Vis Yellow Handles Enables fast pad placement adjustments and more carry options
13 lbs