Liquid White Dirt Chalk - 4 oz (125ml)


White Dirt Liquid Bouldering Chalk is incredibly effective at providing a long lasting base layer for releasing your Inner Beast Mode. Whether you are running laps at the gym on Tuesday or finding a way to break out of the cage and touch real rock on Saturday, with White Dirt Chalk on your paws and Highball Hamster as your guide, you can release your Inner Beast Mode for sending boulders eternally. 

Squeeze a small dollop onto your palms, then rub around evenly on your hands and fingers for a complete and smooth coverage

- 4 oz Tube of Liquid Magnesium Carbonate (with 95% pure alcohol as drying agent)

Liquid White Dirt is not approved for:

Sunscreen, toothpaste, carry-on luggage, vitamin C, hair gel, mayonnaise, headlight restoration, lipid supplement, myofascial massage, burrito sauce, teeth whitening, wood working, fry sauce, no-rinse dish soap, shoe deodorant, riboflavin, gravy for biscuits, leather seats, vegan mayonnaise (not mayonnaise), house painting, non-dairy creamer, dish washers, antiperspirant, hop scotch (debatable), dog treats, collagen for your hippie non-coffee like coffee, make-up, gravy for mashed potatoes, cat videos, aquafaba, chafing cream, silverware polish, really any type of gravy whatsoever, whiteout (seems legit though?), autopsies, horse racing, bullet journals, whipped topping, lip balm, toe fungus (well...), aftershave, aoli (mayonnaise), watercolor paintings, etc, etc. This list is by no means an exhaustive one and just because it has already been tested, does not mean it is a good idea to try it again.