TripTick Trifold



The Asana TripTick tri-fold pad is truly a work of art. First and foremost it is an Asana Crash Pad giving you all the peace of mind you want for your bouldering landings. With an open dimension of 72"x36" you are able to cover a massive landing area. We know that space is at  premium when hitting the crag so it is thoughtfully designed to lay flat in the bed of your truck or hatch back. The red and blue webbing handles designate the soft and firm sides allowing you to select your ideal level of sleeping comfort. WAIT. It's a sleeping pad and a crash pad?!? SIGN ME UP! Did I mention it straps to your Superhero Crash Pad for an easy carry?

Get yours quick or you'll have to wait until the next time we have off cuts big enough or reclaimed (new) foam to make these out of scrap materials! Being that this is made in house with off cuts there are limited quantities available. 

Product Details

Open Dimensions 72"x36"x3"
Folded Dimensions 36"x24"x9"
Premium Dual Density Foam Structure 1" Closed Cell(Blue Webbing Side!) & 2" Open Cell (Red Webbing Side!)
1000D Nylon  High tensile strength means high durability, this pad is ready for all crag environments!
Metal G-Hook Closure Buckles Allows secure packing 
4 Handles Enables fast pad placement adjustments and more carry options
Color Coded Comfort

Red Webbing: lightly firm
Blue Webbing: firmest

14 lbs